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Still my favorite part in the series ever

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#wifey being sassy towards her hubby

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Let me guess, an extremely handsome man came up to you claiming to be me.

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People Magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive

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Me: tries to plug in phone after turning out the light

*plug scrapes bottom of phone before successfully finding the spot*

Me: “Noooooo, now Sherlock will think I’m an alcoholic”

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I was born in the wrong generation. This generation is still racist as fuck and I can’t download a pizza. Wake me up in the year 3019.

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Well here is my Delena rec post! Hope you read the stories there! ive read all of them and enjoyed them! A LOT! hope you will too! :)

 To Save a Sinner » by chellethebelle 
AU/AH: Damon Salvatore, the new star swimmer and transfer student at MFU, befriends the dark and mysterious Elena Gilbert, a girl the rest of Mystic Falls considers crazy. When he discovers the deep, haunting secrets she keeps from the world, can he handle the truth or will it cost him his heart and even possibly, his sanity?

Lucky 13 » by bibi 13ca
AU/AH: Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Katherine Salvatore, the badly injured Elena finds that plastic surgery has given her Katherine’s face, the famous Damon Salvatore for a husband and a powerful dynasty for in-laws.

 Bourbon In Your Eyes » by jazzywriter22 
She’s a piano-playing graduate student who’s writing a historical novel. He’s the new professor in the History department who has gone out of his way to avoid music since he was a boy. A story about choice, transformation, and the people who inspire others to do both.

 Giving In » by DelenaRain 
Elena has been sold to Damon and is now his slave. At first, Damon is cruel and heartless, and does terrible things to her. Elena hates him with a passion, but will she find herself falling for the man she’s supposed to hate? And will Damon fall for the woman who’s supposed to be his slave? AU DELENA

 You Gave Shelter To My Homeless Heart » by titeve79 
Journalist, Elena Gilbert decides to write an article on the homeless people. She goes undercover to live in the streets for the weekend. After a homeless man saves her life, she invites him into her home. AU Rated M just in case. 

 His » by tsukikomew 
She has been running for 5 years when his summons arrive. Forced back to the estate she fled from she finds herself trapped with him. A possessive, controlling man who haunts her thoughts, traps her there with a secret purpose. Her freedom gone again she in turn begins to unravel what it meant when he saved her life all those years ago. Short chapters updated a few times a wk.

Rekindle the flame » by Heartbug 
Can Damon Salvatore, a man addicted to his job, save his marriage with Elena Gilbert? Will they be able to rekindle the flame, or will the fire consume their marriage, leaving the rest to pick up the ashes?

  A vampire’s bite » by Sandy1983
Elena stumbles upon vampire Damon in the 19th century. She becomes enthralled by him and his explanation on the sexy nature of vampire bites.

Caught in a brother triangle » by Sandy1983
Love is confusing, consuming..and inconvenient. Elena meets the man of her dreams..on her wedding day…

 We Found Love » by delenadreamer
AU/AH. The only people that don’t know that Damon and Elena love each other are Damon and Elena. But things change and people grow apart - and life doesn’t stop for anybody. Love endures all change - but sometimes love isn’t enough. Or is it?

Echoes of the Past » by wolverine99 
Each of us has a past that shapes and defines us. Some pasts are filled with pain and heartache. Can Damon and Elena overcome their pasts to allow themselves a chance at happiness? Or will things from their past resurface to destroy their future? AU/AH Complete!

Kiss Me, Break My Heart » by LoveEpicLove 
Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she’s had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon’s not making it easy on her. AU/AH 

Tumblr Time by DelenaRain 
Damon and Elena are messing around on Tumblr one night…until they find their own ‘Damon and Elena’ tag with thousands of posts! Humourous little DELENA ONESHOT ;) Basically, Damon and Elena find out about us, their crazy fans ;)

Something Good » by MEStarr 
AH/AU When Elena runs away from her privileged New York life, heading back to Mystic Falls and her roots, she meets one Damon Salvatore, an old friend and a fire-fighter. But what will happen when sparring parents return and drama ensues? Rated M for language 

Distance » by Dez2sweet
At the age of 15, your boyfriend gets you pregnant then leaves for college and doesn’t return. 10 years later, he comes back trying to stop you from getting married. The worst part is, you aren’t sure if you’re over him.

Dancing in the Dark » by chellethebelle
Singer, Elena Gilbert gets signed to the most prestigious record label in the world. She thinks it’s her big break until she meets her producer, the cold and stoic Damon Salvatore.

The Story of Us » by Beautiful1Disaster
The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. AU. AH.

The Autocrat » by camiferz 
In the elite Falls Academy, four plutocrats known as The Archetypes own the school. Led by Damon Salvatore, they take high school tyranny to a new level. But when Elena Gilbert dares to defy him, he thinks she’ll either fall for him or be the fall of him.

Hands of Fate » by MadDoll 
Ever since she was a young girl, Elena Gilbert has harbored a schoolgirl crush on her cousin’s boyfriend, Damon Salvatore. But what happens when six years later she meets him again? Only to find out that he’s her boyfriend’s older brother? AU. All human.

Separate Beds » by Cher Sue 
NOW COMPLETED - A heartbreaking tale of love, loss and everything in between. Damon & Elena shared an intense connection from the moment they met, and she ended up pregnant after just one passionate night together. Damon, now engaged to be married to Kat has to make a choice; to please his father or to follow his heart. HUMOR/ANGST/ROMANCE/DRAMA/MYSTERY. FULL SUMMARY INSIDE

 The End of Paralysis » by oftheseaandintothewinds 
Enter Elena Gilbert, 24, hardworking, lovely, and insatiably in love with her long time best friend, Damon Salvatore. Can she make him see that they belong together? Delena. AH/AU. 

It’s a bet! » by s0merholic
Elena Gilbert: school nerd. Damon Salvatore: bad boy with a reputation to uphold. What happens when a bet is made which causes their two paths to cross? Will it turn into something more?

It Starts with a Dance » by ScottishGirlx
Their parents said Elena was destined to marry a Salvatore but will either of them wake up and see her as not just a sister? Or will Katherine make sure neither of them get the chance?

High Society » by Quills2 
It’s 1898. Elena lives a dispirited life as the Princess of Bulgaria. One day, she meets Count Damon de la Salvador, who changes her entire world. AU. Adult Content. 

Rocker Sex God » by Katy5219
AU/AH. Rockstar Damon. Journalist Elena. A drinking game. This couldn’t end well, even if it had started out that way. Which it hadn’t. Continued due to popular demand and the author’s boredom!

The List » by 123nenagirl
Before she dies, there are ten things she must do. Ten things that will change her and the people around her forever. Ten silly things that will give her hope to live. Ten glorious things that will make her happy until the day she takes her last breath. (THIS FIC WILL CAUSE YOU PAIN.)
Military Boarding School » by 123nenagirl 
Elena couldn’t believe how horrible military school was. She had been there for only twenty minutes, and she already hated the people in command, especially Damon Salvatore. 

Just A Friend » by asdfghjklb
Damon Salvatore enlists former friend Elena Gilbert to help him discover who the identity is of the mystery girl he met at his party. However, as Elena agrees to help him, she’s secretly doing everything she can to keep him away from the truth. AU/AH

 All Again For You » by sarahserenity6296
AH/AU Elena left that summer behind her a long time ago. Imagine her surprise when she comes face to face with the boy who broke her heart while meeting her boyfriend’s family. Can they pretend nothing ever happened or do old feelings die hard? DELENA! 

Losing Love » by nearvana 
AU/AH - A nearly fatal car accident leaves Elena with severe memory lost and Damon with a broken heart… but was it really an accident? Previously A Second Chance.

Forbidden fruit » by Sandy1983 
Damon is friends with Grayson Gilbert. When he meets his daughter Elena, sparks fly. Considering the age difference and the fact that she is his friend’s daughter, he tries to fight the pull every step of the way. Will he succeed in keeping her at bay?

Say Hello To The Angels » by BadBoysAreBest 
WWII :: Damon is a cocky & crude fighter pilot. He’s also Elena’s patient indefinitely. It’s totally screwed up! That he’s more of a threat to her sanity than any battle outside. * Co-Stars: Caroline/Tyler.

 Who in the Hell is Elena Gilbert? » by BtrixMcG 
Damon Salvatore, Hollywood’s highest paid actor, is reluctantly cast alongside an unknown daytime actress, the fetching Elena Gilbert, in a major motion picture. He is not pleased. 

I’m in love with a Geek » by 123nenagirl 
How do you deal when you fall in love with the most unpopular girl in school? Well, Damon Salvatore is about to find out.

Serendipity » by citigirl13
Elena is kidnapped by Damon. The lines of love and hate blur between the two of them. AU. WARNING: scenes of rape and violence.

 If Things Had Been Different » by Charlie’sLostVampire 
What if, back in 1864, Katherine had come to Mystic Falls… with a twin sister? Damon/Elena with hints of Katherine/Stefan. Remember to review!

Her Mother’s Eyes » by newsgirl83 
AU. Damon tries to heal from the death of his wife while raising their small daughter. He thought no one could compare, until he meets Elena Gilbert, who will forever change his, and his daughter’s life. 

 In A Hopeless Place » by SerenaSalvatore 
On a quest from her dead mother, Elena arrives in Mystic Falls where she meets the charming Damon Salvatore, and quickly falls in love with him. The problem? He has to return to the army in two months. “We found love in a hopeless place.” AH/AU 

Remember When » by chellethebelle 
What happens when former lovers reunite after not speaking for five years? Damon and Elena find out as they relive their past together and figure out where their story goes from here. *COMPLETE* 

Before I Die » by titeve79 
When Elena receives a bad news from her doctor, she decides to live the rest of her life to the fullest. During her journey, she meets Damon, an handsome and broken man. What will happen when the two torn souls collide? Rated M just in case. 

One fine day » by Sandy1983 
AU fic, where Damon is a doctor and Elena is a sick patient. After learning that she is dying, he wants to give her one fine day. Rated M for later chapters.(THIS FIC WILL CAUSE YOU PAIN.)

 Alphas » by AshesAndBlood 
When Jenna gives up trying to look after Elena, she sends her to a boarding school where not everything is as it seems… including love. Delena AU

Alive and Kicking » by aj81writing NO LONGER IN USE 
AU/AH. After an ugly breakup, Elena Gilbert lets her friend drag her to the gym. Can she find herself again, or will she find more than she was looking for?

 Lie To Me » by Leanne90 
Elena doesn’t know about vampires yet and has never heard of the Salvatore brothers. Damon encounters Elena thinking she is Katherine and soon becomes obsessed. Dark Themes - violence, abuse and graphic sexual scenarios

Beauty Lies Within » by taekwongirl360
Anybody else think that Damon and Elena’s story is a lot like Beauty and the Beast? The parallels are unbelievable and I’ve always wanted to write a story about that! Based on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast story. Enjoy and Review! 

 True Love Never Dies » by JateFanForever
They met at the young age of 17 and fell madly in love, but her parents pulled them apart. Will they ever get the chance to be together? AU/AH Delena.

Love Game » by LoveIgnites
Before Elena Gilbert left Mystic Falls, she was shy, unattractive, and with zero self esteem. Now shes back, older,stronger, sexier, and finally loving herself and it definitely shows! It seems that all the hot men of Mystic Falls are knocking at her door, including Damon Salvatore, who she had been fantasizing since her teenage years… and her adult fantasies. AU/AH. Delena. 

 Forbidden love by Delenarocs 
Elena is a princess; Damon is her guard. When the king finds out that Elena and Damon have been sneaking behind his back; he sentence Damon to death in 15 days. Can Elena find a way to save him before his 15 days are up? AU. 

You Can’t Run From The Past » by JateFanForever
AU/AH They were the perfect couple until tragedy pulled them apart. Five years later, Elena has moved on from her past and ready to start her future, but what she doesn’t realize is that your past will always catch up to you. Please Read and Review. 

Line By Line » by aj81writing NO LONGER IN USE 
AU. AH. Elena Gilbert is a writer for her college newspaper. When mediamogul Giuseppe Salvatore decides his son should fulfil his potential, Elena is forced to work with him. 

 A Royally Unexpected Encounter » by morvamp 
Becoming overwhelmed by the predetermined affairs of her life, Elena escapes the palace for an evening only to come in contact with our favorite bad boy. Pure lemony goodness. AU. AH. One shot now turned into multiple chapters.

Locked In A Loveless Marriage » by LoveEpicLove
When Elena asks Damon Salvatore for a loan, he agrees on the condition that she marries him. What happens when she finds herself falling in love with a man who has told her he will never love her? AU. All human.

I’ve read more but ill post them next time :) 


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They look like they’re about to kiss. Oh my God, I can’t handle this right now. Omg.


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"It’s tradition."

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Ninth Doctor + Sass Master

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otp challenge: [3/7] scenes

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otp challenge: [4/7] scenes

↳ I’ve got move you’ve never seen.

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